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Back Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair on a daily basis is routine for many men and women, but back hair removal often proves to be too difficult to handle alone. Many men, due to genetics and heredity, end up with thick, dark unwanted hair on their back and shoulders. Hair in areas such as these is hard to reach and even harder to remove. Because of this, many men seek methods that will help to remove back hair with lasting results. Over the years, many hair removal methods have been developed, some are temporary and some are permanent. Learn about each and discover which methods will best fit your individual needs.

Shaving: Shaving is the most popular form of hair removal used today, simply because it is the easiest and most convenient, but when it comes to back hair removal, using a razor might not be the easiest choice. The back and shoulders prove to be hard to reach areas, and if shaving is the method you use, chances are you have someone helping you. Because hair grows back so quickly after shaving, many men search for a longer lasting alternative.

Waxing: Waxing is a great way to remove back hair with longer lasting results, but waxing such a large area can prove to be quite painful and quite expensive. Waxing results last anywhere from four to six weeks, therefore men will have to continually visit a waxing salon to keep their backs smooth and hair free. While waxing does prove to be a better alternative when compared to shaving, many men seek permanent back hair removal options for lasting results.

Electrolysis: Electrolysis is a great hair removal method for achieving permanent results, but it is also a method that can be quite time consuming. When treating large areas like the back, treatments can take up to two hours to complete. This is because each hair follicle is treated individually during electrolysis. A tool called an epilator delivers an electrical current to the bulb of each hair follicle in order to render it inactive. While electrolysis does achieve permanent hair removal, it can take years to see the final results. Because of this, many men opt for another permanent option.

Laser Hair Removal: Laser hair removal is the latest hair removal method to be introduced to those men and women looking to remove unwanted hair. Laser back hair removal treatments take much less time than electrolysis treatments (45 minutes compared to up to two hours) and fewer treatments are needed to achieve desired results. During the treatment, the laser is passed over the entire back and the laser energy penetrates through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles below. The energy then transforms into heat and it is the heat that effectively cauterizes the blood supply to the hair, rendering it inactive. It can take anywhere from six to ten treatments in order to see successful results, but men can experience an 85 to 100 percent reduction in unwanted hair.

There are many back hair removal treatments currently out there, and knowing about each will help you to decide which will work best for your individual needs. Find out more about all of your options today and experience smooth, hair free skin with lasting results.

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