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Facial Hair Removal

For both men and women, facial hair removal is something that is simply part of the daily routines. Everyone deals with pesky, unwanted hair, but visible unwanted hair on the face can be quite a big deal. Facial hair removal for women can be quite embarrassing; something that they do not readily share with others. Facial hair removal for men is just an everyday occurrence, but with the large variety of hair removal options out there, there may be a better way. Knowing about all of the different options available will help both men and women to keep their faces smooth and hair free.

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Shaving: Shaving is, by far, the easiest and most convenient way to remove unwanted facial hair, but with the sharp angles and sensitive skin of the face combined with the coarseness of the hair on the face, continual shaving is bound to take its toll. Many individuals who shave their face on a regular basis experience common side effects such as skin redness, razor bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs. For those who want a clean, smooth look, these side effects can really take away from the look you are trying to achieve. Shaving is very convenient, but not necessarily the best method for removing unwanted facial hair.

Waxing: Waxing facial hair is also another option that provides temporary results, but they are longer lasting when compared to shaving. At home waxing kits can be utilized, but for the best wax, a salon visit may be necessary. Waxing is relatively quick but it can lead to many side effects such as redness, skin irritation and ingrown hairs. In addition, visiting the salon for monthly appointments can quickly become expensive and time consuming. So while this hair removal method does provide four to six weeks of smooth, hair free skin, the maintenance and upkeep can quickly break the bank.

Electrolysis: Electrolysis is one of two hair removal options that can provide permanent results. Both male and female facial hair removal can be completed with electrolysis; it is a treatment that is designed to get men and women 100 percent hair removal results. While patients will eventually experience permanent results, it is a weakening process, therefore it can be quite time consuming. Hair follicles are treated individually and it can take two to four years to see permanent hair removal. While this treatment does take some time to complete, it is still a great option for permanent removing unwanted facial hair.

Laser Hair Removal: Laser facial hair removal is the only other form of permanent facial hair removal. However, unlike electrolysis, multiple hair follicles in the facial area can be targeted and treated simultaneously, therefore treatments are completed much more quickly. An average of six treatments is needed to see effective results, and those treatments are spaced out every six to ten weeks depending on the specific area being treated. While revolutionary, this treatment cannot help everyone. Those with white, gray, blonde and red hair will not see effective results because they are not ideal candidates for the treatment. The laser light is attracted to pigment in the hair follicles and will only effectively treat those with darker hair colors.

No matter which hair removal option you choose, knowing that your face is smooth and hair free will help you to live more confidently. Consider these facial hair removal options today and find the one that works for you.

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