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Underarm Hair Removal

Underarm hair removal is just one of the many tasks that individuals complete on a daily basis. Removing unwanted hair from the face or body can always be a task, but certain facial and body areas are considered more important for maintaining a hair free look—one of the most important being the underarms. Because of this, several techniques for removing underarm hair have been developed to help men and women combat pesky, unwanted hair. Seeing that there are so many different hair removal options available, it can be difficult for some men and women to figure out which may be the best for their particular needs. Learning about all of the options available, will help you to discover which technique will work best.

Shaving: Removing underarm hair via shaving is by far the fastest and easiest hair removal option available, but this convenient method, for many, is not considered the best. While shaving can have you removing unwanted hair quick, its largest downfall is that its temporary — unwanted hair can grow back in as little as a day. In addition, continual shaving can lead to skin irritation as well as other side effects which include razor bumps, razor burn, cuts, nicks and ingrown hairs. Shaving is a great way to be hair free in no time, but with razors, you will be dependent on the blades forever.

Waxing: Waxing is a hair removal method that is slightly less convenient than shaving, but it does provide the benefits of longer lasting hair free periods. Waxing removes underarm hair at the follicle level, instead of just from the skins surface (like shaving), which means your hair free periods can last for as long as four to six weeks. Like with shaving, there are potential side effects with this hair removal method as well, they can include, pain, skin redness and irritation, ingrown hairs, cost and inconvenience of visiting a salon (unless you us an at home kit). Waxing can keep underarm hair away for longer, but in the end, it is still only a temporary method.

Laser Hair Removal: For those looking for a more permanent solution to their underarm hair problems, consider laser hair removal. Laser underarm hair removal is one form of permanent hair reduction that can safely and effectively remove underarm hair with lasting results. An average of six treatments will be needed to effectively remove unwanted hair, but once complete, men and women who use this option can throw away their temporary methods once and for all because all they’ll be left with is smooth, hair free results that last.

Electrolysis: Electrolysis is another permanent underarm hair removal method available to consumers, and while it is the only method that gets 100 percent permanent results, many individuals opt for other treatment options only because of the time it takes to complete the procedure. Electrolysis treats one hair follicle at a time; therefore it can be a tedious process to undergo. However, once complete, patients will be smooth and hair free forever.

All underarm hair removal techniques available provide different results; therefore it is up to you to decide which method best benefits your lifestyle. Finding the perfect hair removal method will allow you to remove your underarm hair once and for all.

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