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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Bikini

Laser hair removal bikini treatments are something that more men and women are undergoing now than ever before. Removing unwanted hair, whether from the face or the body, can quickly become a nuisance. Daily hair removal not only becomes tedious, but the non-stop assault on your skin can cause a multitude of side effects. Those who shave on a daily basis are no strangers to irritated skin, razor bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Those who wax experience a lot of the same effects as well.

For some areas, like the legs chest, back, stomach, arms and underarms, shaving and waxing are not to difficult to bare, because the skin in these areas is not as sensitive. But for areas like the bikini line, skin is very sensitive and therefore even more prone to hair removal side effects. For those who are sick and tired of shaving or waxing unwanted bikini hair, consider a more permanent solution – laser hair removal.

Whether undergoing laser hair removal bikini line treatments, or full brazilian treatments, know that laser hair removal is the optimal solution for removing unwanted hair ‘down there’. Instead of using sharp razors or messy waxes to try and remove hair in hard to reach, sensitive areas, in a quick and easy series of sessions, you can experience smooth and hair free results.

Bikini Line

Sometimes the laser hair removal bikini cost is too much for some men and women, so instead of getting a full brazilian, they opt to simply clean up their bikini line. Hair in the bikini area can be quite a nuisance, but by treating the bikini line, patients can keep hair growth under control for a smoother, more kept look. The treatment is very simple and does not take a lot of time to complete.

Before your first session, your laser technician will tell you to shave the hair in the bikini area that you want treated; this will give the technician a natural line to follow. The laser treatment targets and treats hair at the follicle level; therefore no hair growth is needed above the skin in order to effectively remove unwanted hair. So before each treatment, simply shave the hair that you want removed and leave everything else.

After each treatment patients will experience further hair reduction and once complete, they’ll have a smooth, hair free bikini line.


Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are exactly the same as bikini line treatments, except for the fact that the entire bikini area will be treated. When undergoing brazilian treatments, patients should shave all of the hair that they want removed, however if the area is too difficult to reach, technicians can assist you the day of your treatment. The brazilian area most commonly includes from below the belly button all the way through to the back, as well as two to three inches down the inside of the leg. This will give you a smooth, hair free look with permanent reduction results.

Whether you choose to treat your bikini line or the entire bikini area, laser treatments allow you to remove unwanted hair with long lasting results. Never again will you have to shave or wax to remove bikini hair, with laser, you’ll finally be hair free.

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